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The MAPS Domestic Program provides services to New England families seeking open, semi-open, or identified domestic adoptions. We are committed to high standards of clinical social work practice, responsible preparation and adoption education. These programs are open to families living in Maine, Massachusetts, Vermont, and New Hampshire.

Domestic Program

This program is temporarily closed to new applicants. Please check back for updates.

Through the MAPS birthparent program we work with birthparents throughout the US who have decided to make an adoption plan and would like to select the family. In making this decision, they are seeking caring families willing to love and parent these new lives. We will work with you and the birthparent(s) to create a birth plan respectful of everyone involved, as well as provide counseling and support services. We are committed to a thoughtful process an to extensive support for the adoptive parents, the birthparents, and the children. Families participating in the birthparent program must complete their home study through a MAPS regional office.

Domestic Networking Program

This program allows MAPS to work with our partner agencies throughout the country to bring birthparents and adoptive families together. The program is open to families who have completed a home study through MAPS and is ideal for families seeking to adopt an African-American, bi-racial, or multi-racial/multi-ethnic child.

Our networking program is open and we welcome new applicants.

Identified Adoption

You may identify a birthmother on your own and then complete your adoption through MAPS. You will benefit from the expertise of our staff and the birthparents will receive the counseling services that are so crucial to birthparent well-being and a successful placement. We will also be there to support you, the adoptive parents, through the sometimes-complex process. If you complete your adoption through an attorney, MAPS can provide you with adoption education classes, home study, and post-placement services.

Private Adoption

If you choose to adopt through an attorney, MAPS will conduct your home study and provide adoption education classes. MAPS will also provide post-placement supervision, which is required by the court.

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At A Glance: MAPS Domestic Program

Parent Requirements: Requirements are flexible. Singles, married couples and same sex couples accepted.
Children Available: Newborns (predominately Caucasian) usually placed directly from the hospital.
Waiting Time: Can range from 2-24 months. Current average wait is about 10-12 months from time of family profile submission.
Travel: Travel is limited to the state of Maine.

At A Glance: Domestic Networking Program

Parent Requirements: Requirements are flexible. Singles, married couples and same sex couples accepted.
Children Available: : Newborns. Rare instances of slightly older infants/toddlers. Varying racial/ethnic backgrounds.
Waiting Time: Generally 2-12 months; average wait is about six months.
Travel: Required travel to placing state in U.S. Travel time averages two week stay in state where baby is born.

Your MAPS Domestic Program Coordinators

Beth GustafsonBeth Gustafson has been with MAPS since 1990. Currently she is making "dreams come true" working with MAPS families in New England interested in our domestic adoption programs.
Phone: (207) 775-4101

Jill McMahonJill McMahon received a BA in Anthropology from UMass, Amherst, which solidified her path towards a career in world cultures and humanitarian aid. The desire to combine this interest with a love for children led her to MAPS.
Phone: (207) 775-4101

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